Most teachers want their class to be inspiring to students, but find many of their students are bored and disengaged. We offer a workshop for educators that uses project-based learning to train them how to teach their content and skills in a way that engages and enables students to solve real world problems.


Inspire Your Students

Teach a class students want to come to and where they are motivated to learn because their work matters.

Eliminate Boredom

Stop losing your students during class and instead get their attention by creating engaging and meaningful lessons. 

Transform your Classroom

Watch your class come alive with learning and engaged students as you use project-based learning skills. 


What makes magnify learning different from other professional development companies?

At Magnify Learning we know you want your class to be inspiring. In order to do that, you need innovative skills to motivate students. The problem is many students are bored and disengaged, which can leave you feeling frustrated. We believe teachers should be equipped with the skills to motivate students…Read More

Becoming an inspiring teacher is within your reach


Do you want to motivate your students but aren’t sure where to start?

  • Do you want to give your kids a learning experience beyond teaching to the test?

  • Are you wondering how to make employability skills a part of an already full curriculum?

  • Do you want your students to be prepared for life after school and have the skills to be successful?

  • Are you tired of trying to convince students they need to learn your content and skills?

  • Is it difficult for your students to see how the standards relate to their lives?

  • Do you use new strategies and tools, but still feel like you can’t reach students?

I loved how the training was laid out; it was very organized and helpful. The different protocols that were used at the beginning of each session were not only helpful to clarify information for project-based learning, but are also great resources that could be implemented in the classroom.
— Kristine Garretto, ELA Teacher, 4th & 5th Grade
The facilitators were so extremely helpful in not only modeling the process but helping with specific questions about my individual project-based learning unit. It (PBL) will help my students take ownership of their learning to hopefully make them more invested.
— Nicole Poulin, Math Teacher, High School
I feel that I gained valuable information, strategies and resources to use in my classroom as well as information to take back to co-teachers. I can’t wait to get started with project-based learning and think it will help produce complex thinkers!
— Audra Jahn, 1st Grade Teacher
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open workshops

Attend one of our open project-based learning workshops and work with educators from all around the country.


on-Site workshops

Bring our facilitators to your school to run an on-site project-based learning workshop for your entire staff.

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Administrator Workshops

Bring our administrative coach to your district to run an administrative project-based learning workshop for your building level leaders and Central Office.


Afterschool open workshop

Join other afterschool employees and volunteers and attend our open project-based learning workshop, where you’ll learn how to apply project-based learning skills to your afterschool lessons and activities.