Do you want TO BE PURPOSEFUL AND FULFILL your VISION as a school leader, but find that you can’t achieve it on your own?  

We help school leaders have they support they need to accomplish their vision. We come alongside them and help build the capacity needed to implement and fulfill their vision.

We do this through on-site workshops where we provide project-based learning professional development and through the ongoing support of a PBL Certified Coach through our Coaching process.

As leaders of change, we understand the helplessness of having a passionate vision and not being able to fulfill it  and as a result we’ve helped school leaders across the nation fulfill their vision through workshops and Coaching do just that. Stop watching your vision go unfulfilled and start achieving it today!

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Unify Your Staff

Improve Student Life & Academics

Achieve Your Vision

“We began our PBL journey with Magnify Learning two years ago and we could not be happier with the growth we have seen in our students and teachers... They challenged and supported us every step of the way with steady encouragement and the desire to see our school succeed.”
— Jenny Spencer, Dunbar Intermediate School Principal, Dunbar, WV

ON-Site Workshops are the answer if:

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  • You face the frustration of having an unfulfilled vision.

  • You desire your staff to follow your lead and be united around a common goal.

  • You have spent money and time on professional development that fails to produce lasting results.

  • You regularly encounter teachers and students are who uninspired and unmotivated.

  • You want to tangibly improve the life and academics of your students.

  • You are bombarded with the demands of demonstrating student growth and mastery of standards, but lack the capacity to meet them.

  • You are unsure of how to improve the community’s perception of your school.

“As a new public school academy, Magnify Learning has been instrumental in our development of a project based learning framework. Through their expertise and guidance, they have shown us how to use project-based learning to better meet the needs of students and create an innovative and engaging environment.”
— Jamie Bandstra, Gateway to Success Academy Principal, Scottsville, Michigan

how much is not fulfilling your vision costing you?

With this guide, we’ll help you identify five essentials to help make your professional development more effective.

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the advantages reach well beyond the workshop….

We customize the work around what’s already working for you, which creates buy-in among staff and long-term sustainability. We come alongside you to highlight the work you’re doing well and help you in the areas you want to grow.

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The work you’re doing is in your school, within your culture, using your language, so you don’t need to translate what you’re doing. It’s an extension of your existing work. Your staff won’t feel like this work is an “add-on” because we work with you to ensure it’s made to seamlessly fit with what you are already doing.

The workshop creates a team building time for your staff around the vision of your school through the use of protocols and intentional times of collaboration. We create a foundation for building a shared culture by providing you and your staff with a common understanding of the project-based learning framework and vocabulary.

As a school district adopts project-based learning K-12, there is an increased understanding and vertical articulation of the long-term impact of using skills and content to solve authentic, real world problems as well as the importance of developing employability skills. Not only does this positively impact the schools and overall district, but it also has the opportunity to have an ongoing impact on the community through the creation of long-term community partners.

You’ll be taken through a process that helps create a shift in mindset, which ultimately gets you and your staff closer to achieving your vision for your school.

”The support for us has been amazing! Many questions come up and knowing that we can call or email and get a quick response has been tremendous for us.”
— Will King, Seneca Intermediate Principal, Seneca, MO

on-Site Workshop benefits

  • Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the PBL process as well as the nuts and bolts of project-based learning.

  • Every participant leaves with a standards-based PBL project ready to implement and the processes/structures to create future projects.

  • We model and equip each participant with protocols for team and culture building that can be used among adults and in classrooms.

  • Each participant receives training, feedback, and insight from PBL Certified trainers who have experience teaching project-based learning in their own classrooms.

  • Each participant becomes connected to a community of like-minded educators who they can go to for support.

  • Each participant leaves the training with an action plan and tangible next steps for fulfilling your school vision.

We see our On-Site Workshops as an important first step in making an educational culture shift. However, we have found that the schools with the most effective, long-term success have gone through a three year process. This process involves year long Coaching, ongoing training, and a pathway to becoming a Magnify Learning Demonstration Site.


On-Site workshop application

Please fill out the following information. Our Executive Director will contact you to schedule a PBL Consultation and discuss how we can best meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to achieve your vision!


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