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 Season 2, Episode 1: PBL and Afterschool

Many school, districts, community centers, etc. feature afterschool programs that help support students’ learning, develop skills, and push their content knowledge.

In this episode, Josh (@askgiebs) and Andrea (@MissB103) have a conversation with Jaime Johnson of Indiana Afterschool Network, Aimee Scott of the John Boner Neighboorhood Center, and Ryan Steuer (@ryansteuer) of Magnify Learning to talk about the benefits of integrating PBL instruction into afterschool programs. They touch on the relationship between the in-school and afterschool settings and curricula, and how the two can enhance each other, especially through the use of PBL.

Check out Season 2, Episode 1 now to enjoy this conversation about the value that PBL can bring to an afterschool program, and the best ways to bring the in-school and afterschool worlds together.

*S2, Ep1 Full Show Notes

Afterschool is a real, safe place for taking risks and not worrying about failure, and PBL provides that opportunity.
— Jaime Johnson, Indiana Afterschool Network President

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