K-16 teachers and administrators can validate their knowledge and commitment to Project Based Learning by participating in the PBL Certification process. Experience in the utilization of PBL is being recognized by an increasing number of school leaders as a valued opportunity for educators. PBL Certification allows teachers/facilitators to demonstrate achievement of a high level of quality and success in the project-based learning process.

*Note: It is required that an educator have at least two years of PBL teaching experience before enrolling in the PBL Certification process.

Mission of the Magnify Learning educator PBL Certification is:

  1. to establish standards and systems for certifying accomplished PBL educators

  2. to provide support and networks for PBL educators

  3. to engage PBL teachers and leaders in on-going professional development

Professional Development Experience

PBL Certification by Magnify Learning recognizes teachers and school leaders for the quality of their practice in Project-Based Learning. It is a voluntary process developed by experienced teachers, school leaders and other education stakeholders to validate educators who have met challenging professional expectations in PBL instruction as evidenced through the certification assessment.

After completing the PBL Certification process, the educator:

  • has his/her school district administrator notified of his/her completed certification

  • is formally recognized by the Indiana State Board of Education

  • receives a certificate from Magnify Learning validating the PBL Certification

  • receives a digital badge from Magnify Learning validating PBL Certification

  • grows as a professional and develops new ways to help students learn and achieve

  • joins the network of PBL teachers and leaders across the United States

Core Propositions of PBL CERTIFICATION:

  1. Teachers and leaders are committed to student learning and performance.

  2. Teachers and leaders know the importance of and utilize PBL strategies and effectiveness in their classrooms.

  3. Teachers and leaders are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

  4. Teachers and leaders can benefit from being members of a larger network of PBL educators.

“I appreciated the input from the reviewer. I have gained confidence in my delivery of this amazing teaching method.”
— Landy H., 2017 PBL Certified Teacher 4th Grade Language Arts/ Coral Gables, FL