PBL Project Blitz, Episode 1: Dystopian Masterpiece Theater

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In this episode, Josh and Andrea launch a new series for their listeners. The PBL Project Blitz. Once a month, the Project Blitz will highlight a PBL project by veterans in the PBL classroom.

In this inaugural episode of the PBL Project Blitz, our hosts sit down with Andrew Larson (@andrewmlarson), a science teacher at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School, in Columbus, IN. Larson shares about one of his favorite projects: the Dystopian Masterpiece theater, in which students studied dystopian literature and had the opportunity to write and perform their own plays at a local theater.

*PBL Project Blitz Ep1: Full Show Notes

It’s a constant work in progress. It’s never done, and that’s what makes it fun. [...] We’re constantly trying to poke at things and make them better and find better ways.
— Andrew Larson, CSA New Tech High School

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