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Meet Your PBL Playbook Co-Hosts 

Josh Giebel 


Area of Expertise:

Mathematics Education (High School)

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PBL Experience:

I have been facilitating in a PBL classroom for 8 years!

What is your “WHY” for teaching?

Teaching is a profession that has called to me for as long as I can remember. The influence of teachers in my life has been tremendous and I can not think of a better way to influence the world around me than by educating the future leaders of our country and our world. Supporting people as they unlock new passions and pathways is invigorating. Every single student should have the opportunity to feel that they are cared for and that they have the capacity to achieve whatever they set out to achieve. As a teacher, I can ensure that all of my students are supported in their endeavors and that they have an adult who cares about them and their success. My hope is that when a student leaves my classroom, they have learned how to enjoy the learning process as much as I have, but more importantly, they have learned how to care for and support people who are trying to do good for this world.

Favorite aspect of PBL

As a math facilitator, my favorite aspect of PBL is the problem-solving component. It is hard for me to admit this, but I know that most kids won’t be using the quadratic formula when they leave school (and thus may not need to memorize it); however, I do know that all of my students will be faced with difficult problems that require careful, creative, and logical thought to solve. PBL allows students to engage in authentic and meaningful problem solving and I love that. Each day presents a new part of the problem to tackle; we get a chance to learn and explore multiple pathways and really improve our ability to think critically and communicate.

Why do you enjoy facilitating?

Working with kids every day is amazing. We seriously don’t give our children enough credit for being thoughtful and caring human beings. They are capable of so much more than we often give them credit for, and I get to witness their amazing capability every day. Facilitating in a PBL setting allows me to support students as they discover how to think, collaborate, and navigate the types of problems they will encounter when they leave our school. I love being able to imagine and picture them solving some of our global issues in the future and cannot wait to see what types of success they will have.


Andrea Behling



Area of Expertise

Social Studies (US and World History-High School)

PBL Experience

Teaching in the PBL classroom for 3 years, facilitating workshops for Magnify Learning for 2 years

Favorite aspect of PBL

The authenticity and value it gives to students. They are able to take content that they might not love learning about and translate it into a real world problem (or solution).

Why do you enjoy facilitating?

The best part of facilitating is seeing a student “get it” or have that “a-ha” moment when they have been working on something frustrating. They solve problems in such creative and innovative ways, and have so much insight into the world. I love hearing them use their voices and platforms to make a difference in the community and watching them work on things they are passionate about.