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application Process

Part I: Submitting Application & Fees


Candidate Application and Eligibility Form  Download the application form as a Word document. Upon completion, save the document with your name as the file name. Email it to Suzanne Diehn at


There is a required $200.00 nonrefundable processing charge to submit an application for PBL Certification. Your application will not be accepted or reviewed without payment of this charge. Payment of this processing charge cannot be made by telephone.

Type of Fee/Charge & Amount

Application processing charge: $200.00

Certification Renewal Fee: FREE


Payments may be made by check and money order OR digitally through this link: PBL Certification

Checks and money orders should be mailed to:

Magnify Learning
ATTN: PBL Certification
445 North Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Change of Agreement or Address

Once an application and fee have been submitted there will be no refunds if you withdraw from the process. If you change your email or mailing address, it is the responsibility of the applicant to directly inform Suzanne Diehn of the changes by emailing her at

Application Deadlines

Certification candidates will have one calendar year from the time their application is approved to complete all requirements for certification. Certification for teachers and leaders will be valid for five consecutive years. During the fifth year of certification, teachers and leaders may begin Certification Renewal by requesting an application from Suzanne Diehn at