Most teachers want their class to be inspiring to students, but find that many of their students are bored and disengaged….

We offer a open workshop that trains teachers how to teach their content and skills in a way that engages students and enables them to solve real world problems. We train teachers how to use their content and skills to develop an inspiring class where students can tackle authentic problems and issues in their own community and the world around them.

We do this by offering an open enrollment workshop of project-based learning professional development for K-16 educators, afterschool employees/volunteers, instructional coaches, and administrators each summer.

Our trainers are PBL Certified facilitators who are using project-based learning in their classrooms. They have helped us train thousands of teachers with project-based learning skills. Stop wondering where to start and begin inspiring students!

Inspire your students

Eliminate Boredom


Transform Your Classroom

“This will definitely make my classroom more engaging and students will be doing more meaningful work without realizing they’re even working - WIN-WIN!”
— Kari Corsi, 5th Grade Reading

OPEN Workshops are for:

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  • K-16 educators

  • Afterschool employees and volunteers

  • Beginning/first year teachers

  • Teachers who have been in the classroom for 2 years all the way to 20+ years

  • Resource/SPED Teachers

  • Instructional Coaches

  • Administrators

  • Anyone who teaches and wants to inspire his/her students!

I got to be a student. I had an opportunity to experience disequilibrium, and not having a firm grasp of the “content” my “teachers” needed me to learn and what product I would create. By the end of the workshop, I have a tangible product. Thanks!
— -Angela Kinder, High School Science

Open Workshop benefits

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  • A comprehensive understanding of the nuts and bolts of project-based learning.

  • Every participant leaves with a PBL project ready to implement and the processes/structures to create future projects.

  • We model and equip you with protocols for team building that can be used among adults and in classrooms.

  • You receive training, feedback, and insight from PBL Certified trainers who have experience teaching project-based learning in their own classrooms.

  • You become connected to a community of like-minded educators who you can go to for support.

  • You leave the training with an action plan and tangible next steps to inspire your students!

    Our Open Workshops are held in various locations across the United States. For a listing of locations go to this page.


Are you tired of a classroom with bored and disengaged students?

Start eliminating student boredom now and start engaging students with our Project-Based Learning Start-Up Kit!

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Open Workshops

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By attending our Open PBL Workshop you’ll receive these add-ons:

  1. Access to our PBL Web Sessions

  2. Connection to the Magnify Learning Alumni Community

  3. Access to exclusive PBL Project Examples and Resources created by our PBL Certified Facilitators

“I really learned from the workshop format. I feel like it really allowed teachers to learn what they needed and not waste time. I also appreciated the patient and thoughtful manner of our presenters. I will use project-based learning in my class as much as possible. STEM and PBL go so great together. This is the way teaching and learning should be.”
— Jennifer Solari, First Grade

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