Episode 6: Assessment in PBL Part 2 - Assessing 21st Century Skills

Educators today are tasked with preparing their students for an ever-changing world — so how do we prepare our students to be successful in that landscape? How do we integrate the skills necessary for them to thrive in the “real world”? And more importantly, how do we go about assessing those skills?

In this episode, Josh and Andrea have a conversation with Global Education Consultant David Ross (@DavidPBLRoss) to discuss the idea of 21st Century Skills. What are they? Why are they so important? How do we assess them? How do these skills fit into a Project-Based Learning framework? In this installment of the series on assessment in PBL, our hosts and their guest address just that.

Check out Episode 6 now to enjoy this conversation about assessing 21st Century Skills withing a Project-Based Learning framework.

*Episode 6 Show Notes

How does a good teacher view 21st century skills? (Like a) DNA double helix. Both sides of the double helix cannot exist without each other. In the past, people have done project-based learning focused on the pedagogy. There are people that have focused on student outcomes and they’re really not focused on the pedagogy that supports and produces these outcomes ...We need to use a pedagogy that’s going to produce the outcomes that I want.
— David Ross, Global Education Consultant

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