Episode 7: Assessment in PBL Part 3 - Standards-Based Grading

There might not be a “best” method of assessment, but as educators, we want to assess our students in a way so that we can see their growth. Standards-based grading in a method of assessment that aims to help students see growth in content and skills rather than judging their educational value based on points.

In this episode, Josh and Andrea have a conversation with Superintendent of the Ross School District in California and author of Rigorous PBL By Design, Michael McDowell (@mmcdowell13) to discuss standards-based grading. What is it? How do we know it is an effective method of assessment? And most importantly, how do we implement it successfully?

Check out Episode 7 now to enjoy this conversation about the standards-based method of assessment, the culture it creates, and its place within the project-based learning framework.

*Episode 7 Show Notes

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— Michael McDowell, Author: Rigorous PBL By Design