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Creating a Culture of PBL

PBL is the best way to teach – but how do we set our students up for success in this kind of environment? The answer to this can be found within the culture of the PBL classroom.

Josh and Andrea sit down with PBL Facilitators Rachelle Antcliff and Raven Chandler to discuss the elements that set a PBL classroom apart from a traditional one, how to create this culture from day one, and tips and tools for developing a positive classroom culture where PBL can thrive. 

Check out Episode 4 now to hear their conversation about culture in a PBL classroom!

*Episode 4 Show Notes

Creating classroom culture is the most important thing that you can prepare when you’re trying to do Project- Based Learning…anything can stand on a strong classroom culture and be successful and I think that’s inherently true of PBL.
— Rachelle Antcliff, High School English PBL Facilitator