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What makes PBL work?

As you heard in Episode 1, there are a lot of pieces that go into making project-based learning work, and you’ll find those pieces are consistent whether you’re talking to students, facilitators, parents or community members.

In this second episode of the PBL Playbook, you’ll hear from a teacher who has taught in a PBL classroom and a professor of education who has done research on the impact of a PBL education on graduates.

Go ahead and listen now to hear about why educators believe in PBL!

*Episode 2 Show Notes

We talk in the PBL world about these employability skills…flexibility to me is when creating a project or within the middle of a project, knowing that ‘Hey, things aren’t going so well, we might need to readjust course here.’ And that’s a life lesson that I think is important for our students to learn, because they need to realize that the best set plans don’t always go perfectly…
— Coleman Marshall, PBL Facilitator, Lexington, KY