What Works in PBL

What makes PBL work?

There are a lot of pieces that go into making project-based learning work, and you’ll find those pieces are consistent whether you’re talking to students, facilitators, parents or community members.

Project-based learning is a completely different type of educational approach, but what makes it so different?

In this first episode, you’ll hear from students who have done school in a PBL environment and a parent who has had kids go through PBL schools.

Go ahead and listen now to hear about what works in PBL!

*Episode 1 Show Notes

I like the hands on aspect of PBL and seeing that what I’m learning will actually will be applied and then not only knowing that it will be applied but actually going out into the community and applying it and years later going back and looking at it and saying, ‘Hey I did that!’…. I like that what I’m learning is not going to be put to waste after high school that I’ll either need it in college, or in my career, or in the workforce.

— Emma Edwards, CSA New Tech Student Columbus, IN- Freshman