Episode 5: Assessment in PBL Part 1 - Let's Talk About the Basics

Hopping on the PBL train can be easy in theory – who doesn’t want to engage their students in meaningful work? But in practice, it can seem tricky and overwhelming, especially when it comes to assessment.

In this episode, Josh and Andrea sit down with Meganmarie Dennis, a Magnify Learning PBL Facilitator to discuss the idea of assessment in PBL. From everyday assessment practices such as evaluating projects and benchmarks, to creating and utilizing rubrics successfully, and how to make sure students are able to utilize those rubrics, our hosts and their guest lay down some of the basic assessment practices in PBL. This episode serves as the first in a series of episodes addressing the idea and practice of assessment in PBL, one of the most frequently asked-about topics in PBL Jumpstart workshops.

Check out Episode 5 now to hear their conversation about assessment in PBL.

*Episode 5 Show Notes

One of the biggest things is letting people know that a lot of the assessments that they already have they can use throughout their project. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
— Meganmarie Dennis, Magnify Learning PBL Facilitator

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