do you want to be a leader who is empowered to align your staff around your vision but instead feel overwhelmed?   

We believe school leaders should have the support they need to align their staff and implement their vision instead of feeling as if they have a vision they can’t bring to fruition. We accomplish this through our administrator workshops, which provide you with project-based learning tools for school leaders and incorporate ongoing coaching throughout the school year to address the needs of the superintendent and district.

As administrators who have successfully done this work in our own schools, we understand the frustration of not having the support you need the support to help your building level leaders and central office understand and join your vision. As a result we’ve helped school leaders across the nation align and implement their vision through administrator workshops and coaching.

Put an end to the confusion around your vision and start seeing it effectively implemented!


Solidify your Staff Around Your Vision


Develop a Clear Strategy


Implement your plan

PBL is a method of instruction that would increase student engagement and achievement on our campus. Our student population, our class scheduling/size, and academic needs would benefit greatly given student voice and choice with increased buy-in and accountability!
— Administrator, Neosho School District, Neosho, MO

Administrator Workshops are the answer if:

  • You are looking for training that fits around the time demands of a superintendent’s schedule.

  • You want to create a clear strategy to implement your vision that involves all stakeholders.

  • You want to have professional development that allows you to simultaneously be strategic while building your team.

  • You want to define a plan that can be effectively and sustainably implemented.

  • You want to see the your vision put into action and create a process that effectively puts it into the classroom.



With this guide, we’ll help you identify five essentials to help make your professional development more effective.

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Administrator Workshop Benefits

  • 6 Face-to-Face Days of Professional Development with 2 days occurring every quarter.

  • Ongoing access to an administrative coach who provides continual support throughout the school year.

  • We customize the work around what’s already working for you in your school so that there is sustainability and buy-in; we come alongside you to highlight the work you’re doing well and help you in the areas you want to grow.

  • The work you’re doing is in your school district, within your culture, using your language. There’s no need to translate what you’re doing; it’s an extension of your existing work.

  • You receive protocols for team building among adults that can be applied and used in professional development and classrooms.

  • Ongoing access to online resources which can be shared with and used among staff.

  • Connected to a community of like-minded superintendents and school leaders.

Working with the administrators is incredibly exciting to me because aligning efforts and understanding of implementing an initiative from the superintendent to the teacher in the classroom is so powerful in ensuring success and the outcomes you hope to achieve by implementing the initiative.
— Dr. Diane Clancy, Magnify Learning Administrative Coach & Director of Professional Development

Administrator Workshop Application

*Please fill out the following information. Our Executive Director will contact you to schedule a PBL Consultation and discuss how we can best meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to implement your plan for your district!


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